Monday, 19 December 2016


Hi there!
So today, I thought I would put together a collection of my favourite three christmas films!
Okay so the first one has got to be elf. This has Will Ferrel in as Buddy, who plays this role fantastically. I feel like this is a real family film, with such great humour. An absolute christmas must have. I actually watched this last night, so I have some refreshed knowledge on it! I'll give you a little plot run down. Buddy is an 'elf' picked up an an orphanage when he was a baby and grew up as an elf. One day, he finds out he is actually a human and goes on a track to NewYork City to find his dad. The film explores his relationship with his new family and friends and him trying to find the christmas spirit again.
The next film has got to be Jingle all the way. I watched this film last year for the first time and it was brilliant. The film is about a a father who has promised to get his son a turbo man action figure for christmas, but every store is sold out. He then travels to loads of stores around town and competes with all of the many other shoppers trying to get one. This film is hilarious and definitely relatable at times. I loved it. 
The final film which I love is Home alone! I don't want to spoil the film and I know that if I start talking about it, I will ramble on until I have nothing else to say, so I looked up a plot line thats very brief to explain it. The film is basically about a boy who is left alone on his own while his family are on holiday and he has to try and protect the house from being burgled. 
I absolutely love this film, it is so funny and brilliant. If you haven't seen this, go watch it! 
Thats my top three picks! I'll see you tomorrow! 
Whats your favourite christmas film?
Thats just a 
sprinkle of my world x


  1. I've really been liking your blogmas! I wish I had planned enough to be able to pull it off over on my own blog... Haha I would have to say that my favorite Christmas Film is Arthur Christmas - I think it's really cute!

    1. Thank you! If you wanted to give it a try, why not do the last five days?
      And of course, I completely forgot about Arthur Christmas!