Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hi there!
Yesterday, I took a trip into town- not for any christmas shopping or anything like that, just for a day out. It was manic. People everywhere trying to find their last presents for the people they've forgotten about, or the people who just leave it until last minute. Either way, there was people everywhere. Now, I'm not saying I've fully done my christmas shopping or wrapping *realises how much wrapping I actually need to do!*.
So what is it about christmas hustle and bustle that makes me feel kind of festive? I'm not too sure! Maybe its the rush and people knowing that christmas is in three days- eek! I haven't felt festive at all this year, just throwing it out there. I don't know how to feel festive, maybe I need to blast the christmas music from the speakers or put up even more fairy lights in my room!
Do you feel festive? How can I get festive?
Thats just a
sprinkle of my world x

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  1. I normally feel the most festive when I'm with other people who really love Christmas. Their excitedness and festivness rubs off!