Monday, 5 December 2016


Okay, so a little interruption to blogmas, but I just wanted to record this on my blog because I wanted this to be a place where I could do this, but today, I did something I am really proud of. Today, I got in a car without feeling the slightest bit anxious.
Okay, so this may sound so totally pathetic and I do not want this to be a pity vote or anything like that and I wouldn't say I suffer with any kind of anxiety I just get quite anxious in the car, partly due to the fact that while being in a car, our family car has been hit quite a few times in the back now. But today, I got in a car and didn't feel anxious at all. And I know for a lot of people, that is so easy, but for me, I felt anxious for ages and today I did it!
And I really am not calling any kind of pity vote or anything like that, I just want to record it for myself and for any of you who might have a similar issue, you can do it. Just believe in yourself!
I hope you understand!
Thats just a
sprinkle of my world x

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