Sunday, 20 November 2016


I've always wondered if you can outgrow a friendship, ever since I read it in Girl Online, is it actually possible? Or is it just a saying, a metaphor for what it is like. I mean, technically, yes it is, but its also the truth.
I have recently learnt this, it is in fact possible to out grow a friend. I thought I would share an experience which I have recently gone through, so I can maybe help you, if you're going through a similar thing to me, or if its you that might be involved.
I had a friend, my best friend in fact, who I could share everything with, I thought. We were inseparable, until recently.
It started small, with the little things, like not talking as much, Of course, I didn't think much of this, who would? It made me sad, but I thought we would be able to start talking more again, I guess I was wrong. In the small time, where we talked less, she had made a new friend. Now, don't get me wrong, its amazing to have other friends, thats not the part that concerned me. It was the fact I was cut out completely, over a number of weeks. Like anyone would be, I was confused, I didn't know why, we had had no arguments, or anything of that sort. One day I was her friend, the next day not. Turns out, she had a better offer.
(I'm not sure if any of you are actually finding this interesting, sorry if I'm boring you!)
For some strange reason, I was hanging on, trying to get my friend back, as well as being friends with her new friends, I wanted to fit in, I didn't want to loose her.
Now here comes the lesson I learnt.
Sometimes, its okay to let go. I found myself holding onto a piece of string, which would eventually snap and I would be the only one who got hurt.
I've only just realised this, in between the moments I was left out and more, until it got to a point where I just laughed about it.
Don't leave until later like I did.
Of course, don't just leave your friend, straight away, recognise the signs, you'll know them, every friendship is different, so I can tell you. But if its on going and its really getting you down, thats when you know. You've just got to keep moving past it.

Has this happened to you? How did you get by? I'd love to know!

Thats just a
Sprinkle of my world.

(ending? I'm not sure let me know!)

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