Tuesday, 22 November 2016


it may be stormy now, but it will never rain forever. 

I guess thats something we've all learnt over the years. We've learnt to dance through the rain and jump in every puddle, deep or shallow. To take every opportunity, it could be life changing. But what happens if it goes wrong and it feels like it can never go right again? What happens then? It feels like your whole world is crumbling down around you, but it can't. You can get through it, I have faith in you. Make the most of it, dance through the rain. It will teach you so much. It maybe stormy now, but it will never rain forever.

(I'm not sure about this kind of post, it was short, but I kind of like it, it feels real, what do you think, let me know in the comments
Thats just a
Sprinkle of my world) 

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